We are a team-oriented agency staffed by professionals who work collectively in researching and interpreting all aspects of your client’s life history. We are a client-centered agency with success at building rapport with clients under the most dire of circumstances. We will utilize all resources available to develop a sentencing presentation effectively portraying the value of your client’s life. We have the ability, drive and persistence to find people, places and information necessary to save your client's life.

Valerie Kennedy

is a Capital Mitigation Specialist with an education in Social Work and Criminal Justice, and extensive training in capital and non-capital mitigation. She has more than 30 years of experience in the administration of criminal cases and mitigation. She is compassionate and competent, maintaining positive and productive working relationships with attorneys, clients, experts, and other significant case participants. She possesses a comprehensive understanding of how human behavior is shaped by familial and environmental systems and the importance of portraying the dignity and value of each client.

Adrienne McCaherty

is a highly skilled Mitigation Specialist with a history of training and practice in many areas of Social Work. She is a Certified Child Welfare Specialist with graduate studies in trauma counseling. She is well versed in the latest versions of intelligence/cognitive testing, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V), and contemporary developments in psychiatric literature. Adrienne’s passion is defending vulnerable and oppressed populations by providing a voice for the voiceless.

Meghan Golden

is a licensed clinical social worker and therapist representing clients who suffer from mental illness and chronic substance abuse. She is additionally involved with family medicine residency training, providing instruction on behavioral health topics and consulting on various topics in the clinical setting. She has past work experience in community mental health and child welfare.

Sierra Boosinger

is a highly skilled mitigation assistant specializing in record research and collection. Her gifts of tenacity and excellent communication lend favor and respect from all with whom she interacts. With strong organization skills, she is able to manipulate, maintain and track voluminous sets of records, ensuring their integrity, readability and authenticity. Other skills include graphic and web design, database development and maintenance, and marketing.

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